We must take matters into our own hands. Do not fool yourselves into believing that we are moving forward when we are only keeping up with general trends while the real opportunities are slipping away. We must take the lead and be proactive in forging our own destiny. CEO

We are creative, ambitious and bold. We shaped our destiny and set rock-solid fundamentals not by emulating the examples set by others. We have always believed in a creative and pioneering approach to business.

Today we live in a world where markets and economies are in a constant state of flux. Client loyalty is fading, expectations are soaring and an already crowded market is becoming increasingly complex. With such volatility, one measure of success is the adaptability of a company. Another is maintaining a competitive edge over the competition through value for money and service. Perhaps most importantly, it comes from listening to customers and partners and adhering to core values.

Chairman & CEO Mohamed Elhamy Hussein

At EIC we have succeeded in doing just that, and we continue to try to repeat and improve this experience every day. We have mirrored the growth of the region, and embrace change and development with resolve and vigor. At the same time we listen with the sole intention of enriching the lives of our customers through our products and services.

Everything we do is guided by our clear core values of Passion for excellence, Integrity in everything we do and Commitment to all our customer.  These values guide us along the path to distinction and help us reinforce our standing as a powerful business house and a beacon for Arab excellence. We believe that it is extremely important as an organization to be willing and able to respond to rapidly changing conditions. In this, we remind ourselves that while profits-led performance is important, we also need to build long-term stakeholder relationships and create value for the communities we serve.

Performance backed by purpose and social responsibility will be our watchwords in this new and exciting journey forward.

Mohamed Elhamy Hussein Chairman and CEO