Environment Policy

EIC is committed to protecting the environment where we operate, through sound environmental practices and by investing in our assets to operate them with minimal emission thus reducing the effect on both the environment and the people.

Both domestic and industrial waste shall be managed per the laws and regulations in place.
To achieve that we doing that;

• Assess work place and improve working environment.

• Protect the environment surrounding our facilities.

• Compliance with ISO 14001:2004

• Prevent spills to the out-side environment

• Respect local customs and traditions.

• Prevent adverse impact on the environment and community surrounding our work sites.

• Comply with our environmental procedures contractual and with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements.

• Perform periodical review of environmental objectives and targets at each relevant function within the company incompliance with Environmental policy.

• Continually improve the environmental performance of our products and processes.

• Minimize any waste production throughout our business footprints and develop consistent methods of recycling

• Report all incidents – be transparent.

• Compliance with applicable legal and other requirements that related to EIC Environmental Aspects.