Health & Safety Policy

The health and wellbeing of our employees is of utmost importance being our most valued assets, therefore EIC will ensure adequate working environment for its employees through regular assessment and upgrade of both work practices and the work place.

EIC Zero harm goal

Our Zero harm goal is to achieve no harm across all of our operations. Everyone working for EIC strives to achieve this goal each day.

To achieve Goal Zero, we focus on the three areas of safety hazards which have the highest risks for our type of activities: personal and transport safety.

EIC Safety Philosophy

Our philosophy that taking care of our business means, looking after our people, our equipment and the client properties, in that priority.

This philosophy is based on the belief that people are our most valuable assets, therefore when people are trained and competent to perform the work safely and have an effective Safety Management System in place, they should be able to take care of our equipment and operate it effectively and safely and work without incidents.

Therefore, the safety of our personnel is our prime priority. We supported and promoted safety culture where;

• Personal safety is our number one priority.

• Safety is personal belief and a core value.

• Operation shall not contradict safety

• We provide our employees with safe working environment.

• We train people, identify training requirements for each job and maintain a live training matrix.

• We uphold a safety culture that does not instigate blame, but accountability, and that does not conceal errors, but uses them as learning.

• Provide health care for all our employees on and off the job.

• Monitor work related illness and follow-up on corrective actions.

• Assess work place and improve working environment.

• Compliance with applicable health and safety legal and other requirements that related to EIC health and safety risks.