With 500 and more freight trucks in our fleet, EIC is proudly to own one of the largest transportation fleet in Egypt. The fleet is on the move across Egypt serving more than 50 clients. We are proudly using the latest, safest and most famous freight truck makes in the market.

Main Office Operations

Continuous communication with clients, follow-up daily e-mails and contacts, monitor the execution of required daily shipments whether fixed or variable and solve any problems impedes the execution of the same.

Continuous communication with all operation supervisors at the company sites and follow-up all operation bugs, work updates and inform them with the requests of the clients.

Review all operation papers of the company and submit it to the accounting department at the company.

Follow-up the issues of trucks required for calibration and arrange for calibration of department in timely manner in the manner that not affects the work progress and provide the alternative one in case of ant obstacles or delays in booking the calibration in the time required for update.

Follow-up the plan of maintenance of trucks with the maintenance director and monitor its execution to maintain its validity for work.


Our fleet tracking system improves the productivity and efficiency of operating our freight fleet. It monitors speed and violations done by the driver during the journey.

Our fleet has contact to 5 emergency maintenance areas and growing where the drivers can contact for help

Live Vehicle View & Route Playback

The system also allows replaying of the freight truck journey, view reports and monitor driver's behavior on the fly. It also allows viewing the name of the drivers for every truck recorded.

We use the latest social media tools to facilitate contact and tracking our drivers


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