EIC believes that its success is mainly attributed to its personnel expertise which is emphasized by its policy of retaining top talented competent staff and continuous investment the employees. EIC is always keen to engage its personnel at all organizational levels in different well -designed, in house and external training programs which enable EIC to attain its strong competitive edge and become a world class player in its field.

Our management team has wide expertise and knowledge gained during several years of working experience with some of the major brand names in a variety of industry sectors – their insight is helping us to develop the next generation of leaders.

We know that the strength of our company comes from within. EIC employees are a focused and dedicated team of people with wide experience of operating at the highest industry standards.

By selecting the best people, providing resources, opportunities and direction as well as delivering ongoing training programs, we work hard to ensure that our customers receive excellent levels of service and that our business partners know we can protect and nurture their brands.

Our scale and sustained growth allows us to attract and retain people who know the industry, have a passion to deliver results and who share our values of trust and integrity.